Pickledilly  is a brand of HIP Brands, which also makes and sells products under the Caffex, CaffeinAll, and SUGARLESSe labels, developed by HIP Gastroplex.

Our three founding partners have decades of experience in food product development, production, marketing, sales, distribution, and information systems. Here is what they have to say for themselves:

Steve Kingsley

Steve Kingsley

Short Bio:  A change agent on the loose, from the land of Attila the Hun(gary).

Official version:   I came to the United States in 1974 as a political refugee and became a citizen in 1980.

Arriving in the US with a MS degree in Food Science afforded me the opportunity to work at General Foods as a research food technologist. Subsequently I co-founded two food companies to commercialize my inventions, which are showcased on gastroplex.com.

Having gotten the information technology bug in the 90s, I earned a MBA in Information Systems in 1989 from Pace University, NY and worked in the field as a consultant and IT manager till 2012.

I dove back into the food business again in 2011 with a new invention: CaffeMallows™. They are soft, sweet, and sensuous double espresso, coffee, mocha, tea, and chocolate marshmallows, that give you instant energy. 

Forward to 2015:  Since 2011 I’ve developed CaffeinAll™, non-bitter caffeine in a shaker, SUGARLESSe™ natural sweetener, as well as the 3rd generation of the Instant Pickling technology you see on this website.  

June Marshall

June Marshall

I began my career in retail sales at the age of thirteen, when my father built the Safari Shop in Ocean City, MD for the purpose of training me and my sister in business. He taught us how to do the books, as well buying, selling, and customer care. 

Later on:  Having earned a MA in English from the University of Pittsburgh, I became a teacher and taught at first in Philadelphia then in Morris County, NJ.

Getting back to my entrepreneurial roots, this time in food production and sales, I became the owner of the B. Flower and Sun Honey Company. We produced and distributed bottled raw honey in the New York Tri-state area. I sold the business to Dawe's Hill Honey in 1991.

Next I worked  in Public Relations and Marketing for AT&T. While there, I also trained in Usability and Human Factors and became one of the first webmasters at AT&T until 2001.

Getting back to my entrepreneurial roots for good in 2002, I  became a partner in Hashema International Partners. I'm now in charge of marketing and sales for all HIP Brand products.

Andy Debreceni

Andy Debreceni

Throughout my career I have applied my education in economics – BA from Columbia University and  engineering from the Fashion Institute of Technology to:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Production management

My introduction to the food business was in 1996 till 1998, when I managed the production of Flavor Aged™ coffees and dessert coffee blends - also invented by Steve Kingsley - at Caffe Espress in Cranford, NJ. The company was sold after the founder passed away and I went to work at Coach Leatherware.

In 2011 Steve made me an offer I couldn't refuse... partnership in Hashema International Partners, where I'm now responsible for the production of all HIP Brand products.

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