Why invest in us?  

Because Instant Pickling is designed to disrupt the 10+ Billion condiment industry and its agricultural base in the USA and globally. 

Our latest version cuts costs over 20% across the board, is environmentally safe, and fully scaleable from the smallest commercial kitchens and farms, including urban and vertical farms, to the largest condiment processing plants.

Just as importantly, it also contributes to building a more sustainable agriculture and food industry.

How? This page will show you.  


Your opportunity

First, check out the market opportunity, our marketing strategy, and previous testimonials from our Pitch Deck below: 

Instant Pickling Pitch Deck.004

Instant Pickling Pitch Deck.008

Instant Pickling Pitch Deck.013

                (Testimonials are for our Rapid Pickling and the first version of Instant Pickling.) 

Now, view or download the full Pitch Deck here. Call us at 201.399.4313 or email us at inquire@gastroplex.com, so we can answer any question and provide additional details.

“This idea of anticipation is key to investing and to business generally. You can’t wait for an opportunity to become obvious. You have to think.“ 

Eddie Lampert (Net worth $3 Billion)

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